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  • The ISADE Symposium is held every three (3) years. The future symposium will be 2026.

Prior ISADE SymposiA
The International Symposium on the analysis and Detection of Explosives

  • 1983 March 29-31, FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia USA, (The 1st ISADE Symposium)
  • 1986 Neurim, Israel (2nd ISADE Symposium)
  • 1989 July 10-13,  Bundesakademie fUr Wehrverwaltung und Wehrtechnik (BakWVT), Mannheim, FRG, Germany, (3rd ISADE Symposium)

  • 1992 September 7-10, Mitzpeh Rachel Kibbutz Guesthouse, Jerusalem, Israel (4th ISADE Symposium)
  •  1995 December 4-8, Washington, D.C. USA (5th ISADE Symposium)
  •  1998 Prague, Czech Republic (6th ISADE Symposium)
  •  2001 June 25-28, Edinburgh, Scotland (7th ISADE Symposium)
  •  2004 June 6-10, Ottawa, Ontario (8th ISADE Symposium)
  • 2007 July 2-6, Paris, France (9th ISADE Symposium)
  • 2010 November 22 – 25, Canberra, Australia, Plenary: The analysis and detection of explosives – fit-for-purpose? (10th ISADE Symposium)
  • 2013 October 07-10, NFI Field Lab, The Hague, Netherlands (11th ISADE Symposium)
  • 2017 September 17-21, Oxford, UK (12th ISADE Symposium)

  • 2020 Cancelled COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 2023 September 11-15, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (13th ISADE Symposium)
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